I’m Speaking at the FutureM Conference


October 7th, I’ll be on a panel at the FutureM Conference in Boston, entitled, “Your Life Will Be A Transmedia Experience (It Already Is).” Sound familiar? Yup, it’s a different take on the theme for a panel of a similar name I’ve got submitted to SXSW, and featuring many of the same cast-members! I’ll be speaking with Marta Kagan, Managing Director, US, for Espresso, and Jan Libby, Experience Designer Consultant at Wieden + Kennedy.

Come and hear about what is, indeed, the future of marketing from the pottymouths who produce the “What the F**k is Social Media?” slideshow franchise, and the smartypants responsible for transmedia campaigns for brands like Levi’s and Scion ! Also, it’s FREE!! Plus! We’ll have an interactive game for all (21+) attendees to play, which is 100% guaranteed to be fun since it will include free alcohol provided by Magner’s Irish Cider! — despite ostensibly leaving my music festival producing past behind me, I still cannot seem to escape being involved with ANY kind of event that doesn’t come with wristbands, even a marketing industry panel! Then again, while much will change in the future of marketing, free alcohol will always be a constant. But space is limited, so

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