These Are Your Alternatives:

A visual guide to your alternative identity fashion options

presented by:

The Alternative Apparel Catalogue


(playa dust for your face sold separately)



2009_02_PI all together now






Skater, Raver, Goth:

(all separate categories;  you get the idea.)

and here’s a throwback–

Heroin Chic:

Any questions?


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5 thoughts on “These Are Your Alternatives:

  1. How come skater/raver/goth is one category?

    Haven’t you ever seen the goths throwing tomatoes at the ravers during the Love Parade?

  2. oh nono….. those are intended to be separate categories. just summed up more quickly–plus there were less images for these on the alternative apparel site. i’ll make sure to indicate they’re all supposed to be separate….

  3. this makes me realize i have to pick a style and stick with it, too much wavering is gonna confuse everyone.

  4. CT – No, I just found it very amusing when I realized they’d styled the clothes with different subculture cues.

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