the inaccessible becomes palatable

Downtown and upscale meet underground–not figuratively, I mean, the actual venue itself is below ground level. Lucent nights at the Edison made the LA Times Guide section:

Lucent Dossier

Berlin in the 1920s. London in the swinging ’60s. Los Angeles in 2008?

Believe it: seductive and wild nights are right here in L.A., if you know where to look.

Bi-monthly “happenings” at downtown bar, The Edison, have been drawing ever-increasing crowds to see performance art troupe Lucent Dossier Vaudeville Cirque dance, sing, and parade about in all their costume finery since the crew began its residency in April.

Those in the know are even becoming regulars every other Wednesday; dressing up to the nines (be sure to check the photo gallery) to become part of the show.

As evidenced by their large-scale performances at this year’s Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, Lucent Dossier can be a fairly large ensemble, so seeing them up close and personal in the Edison is a unique experience: the chic, post-industrial Edison bar makes a strange brew with Lucent Dossier’s sensual, fantastical performers – some of whom hang from the rafters inside the bar and mingle with the patrons. Lucent’s upscale-Burning Man vibe is not as sophisticated as the Edison’s regular crowd, and that’s part of the magic. Sharing a cocktail with fire dancers, aerial silk performers, belly dancers, contortionists, burlesque girls and daring “actors” puts a whole new spin on downtown bar culture.


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