Most Bizarre Reference For a Kids Movie Ever


Above, is a poster for an animated Nickelodeon movie called Rango, starring Johnny Depp, coming out in 2011.

Here is a poster for a movie Johnny Depp made a decade ago:


The same cactuses in the background, the big bug-eye aviator shades and the big lizard bug-eyes, the horizontal, grimacy mouth, the psychedelically twisty neck, with the massively disproportionate head bobbling on top. But it’s the Hawaiian shirt that seals the deal. You just do not ACCIDENTALLY put Johnny Depp, as a lizard, in the Mojave desert with the same cactus in the background as on the Fear and Loathing poster…. in a HAWAIIAN shirt.

Here is what lizards look like in that other Johnny Depp movie in the Mojave desert.


But now there’s this:


Is it just me or does this shot from the trailer look….. like Bat Country?


This whole MOVIE looks like Bat Country.

Now, in Kids Size!



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