Fashion Flavors

Back in February, in the aftermath of the public outcry against Tropicana’s packaging redesign which ultimately led to the cartons reverting back to the original art, I suggested that Tropicana had the opportunity to do something completely different with orange juice: Now that there’s a buzz about Tropicana’s openness to fan-feedback in general, and about its packaging design in particular, why not create a platform for people to submit their design ideas? How might Tropicana lovers re-envision what that OJ carton could look like given the chance? In fact, why pick just one new design? How about different winning carton designs printed in “limited editions”? Why not deliberately set out to discover and promote emerging artists, giving them their first break of mass exposure through orange juice cartons in grocery stores across the country? If it’s art, suddenly there’s a whole new reason for choosing one OJ brand over another. It’s not just about a “campaign,” it’s an opportunity to create culture.

And now I’m discovering that Evian has been onto something very similar for years already, (Thanks, John), giving a whole new meaning to the term “Designer Water.”

Partnering with famed designers, Evian has been creating special, limited edition “Prêt-à-Porter” bottles which sell for upwards of $13 a pop, designed by the likes of Christian Lacroix (2008):

Jean Paul Gaultier (2009):

And the latest, Paul Smith, 2010:


OJ, you listening?


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