[LIB07] what the hell is a strategy, anyway? #2

i’d like to say a few words about how horrifyingly, dismayingly, pitifully, AWFUL our purchase page is. we didn’t design it. it’s what our ticketing company is making us use, and we can’t change it and it’s totally driving me crazy!

yeah, THANKS, inticketing!

yeah, i know you’re green, and use soy-based ink, and recycled materials, and that’s all great, but…what are you thinking with your web services?

check it out:

THIS is our website that the Do LaB designed:

THIS is our purchase page from inticketing:

…..i think i might cry.

like are you kidding me? who okayed THAT from an experience design standpoint, huh?

yes, dear, customer, you’ve come this far with us. we have reminded you of how awesome LIB was last year, we have managed to convey some hint of the kind of crazymagic experience that awaits you this year, and just at the point where you are really ready to make the commitment to join us on the LIB adventure, the point at which, you are essentially trying the ticket on in the dressing room, asking us, “what do you think? does this look good on me?” what does inticketing do?

oh, it throws the lamest looking webpage with a whole lot of T+C bullshit at you.

well, you know….. those tickets do kind of make your butt look sort of big.

oh… this is making me so frustrated, i’m considering just getting our programmer to hack the freakin‘ thing. at least put some pictures on it, for god’s sake! move the T+C crap BELOW the credit card info part. or, better yet, just keep the “i agree” checkbox, and say “click here for terms and conditions.”

bad experience design is bad customer service, inticketing!

from the standpoint of an experience creation company, this makes me feel like we’re actually MISTREATING our potential attendees.

like, no, really, our event is WAY better than this lame purchasing experience.

we promise!

sigh… anyway…

miraculously, even in spite of all of that, tickets are starting to pick up this week. in the past three days alone we’ve acquired guests from utah, ohio, and texas! we probably have about 15 states represented at this point. including hawaii, oregon, colorado, new york, and my home state, massachusettsswoot!

the word is definitely getting out there.


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